Submissions Needed: “Sh!t Trekkies Say/Do” Mash-Up Video

I am putting together a YT Video Mash-Up called “Sh!t Trekkies Say n Do”. If you’ve ever seen similar YouTube videos (e.g. Sh!t Girls Say, Sh!t Theatre People Say, etc etc…), you’ll know what I’m talking about; however, if you don’t, let me explain.

This project is much like a compilation of “You Know You’re A Trekkie When/If…”

What I’d really like is for at least 25-50 recorded phrases from Trekkies, saying something that you know we Trekkies can relate to, such as….

“Brannon Braga is such a weenie!”

What I’m going to focus on primarily is how contradictory we Star Trek fans are–that’s what I really want to poke fun at, and what I mean by this is the fact that we often hear our Trek friends say how much they love Star Trek because of the vision and then they start ragging on a particular show or film (usually Enterprise or Voyager, or even the Trek 09 reboot)..

An even better example of this is when we all complain about how Creation Entertainment takes advantage of our love for Star Trek by charging so much for EVERYTHING…and yet, the Gold and Captain’s Chair packages are ALWAYS sold out !

One last example is how many of us might be a little embarrassed to admit how much of a Trek fan we are amongst our non-Trek friends…and then you’ll turn around and spend hundreds of dollars to built a crazy Trek costume.
So, let’s recap.

What I Need From YOU, the TREKKIE:

1. A video reel with you making a statement or phrase about Star Trek. You can do this on your mobile device, or on your camera…then upload and email it to me. 🙂

2. The statement/phrase can be a negative. Bear in mind that if you make a negative statement about any show, or film or actor or character or anything related to Star Trek, there’s going to be a contradictory image mashed up following your phrase to counter it–which is what will make it humourous to watch.

3. The nerdier, the better. Don’t afraid to whip out some Treknobabble !

4. Send me an image that goes with the statement (optional) if you can.

Remember, the point is to be lighthearted…let’s not get too serious. Your statement/phrase can be a bit lengthy, but make sure it’s POIGNANT ! Wit, wit, wit !

When I’ve gathered enough recordings, I will begin creating the “Sh!t Trekkies Say & Do” video and if your phrase makes the final cut, it will be available to everyone on YouTube, as well as on the Unimatrix Zero website for everyone to embed and share. I will also credit you at the end. 🙂

If you don’t have a way to record, or you can’t participate in this, read the Unimatrix Zero Needs You blog entry to find out how you can become an active drone in the Voyager Collective ! 😉


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