“Andromeda” Makes A Strong Debut on the College Charts & Around the Country

Hey team! We’re back with some news from the world of radio.

This past week, Andromeda found another spot on the NACC Electronic chart at #30! That’s with the support from stations like WWUH holding the record on their individual electronic chart at #10 this week, as well as a debut from core station KXCI (Tucson) at #10 as well! Great to see some core support as we head into the second half of our campaign. As for airplay, stations like WIXQ (Millersville, PA) and WGLS (Glassboro, NJ) are proving themselves top fans, confirming the record is spinning at heavier levels. More stations like WSKR (Jacksonville, FL) and WMTS (Murfreesboro, TN) have confirmed adds to light rotation, while overall adds have come along from the new fans at WXCU (Columbus, OH), WHRW (Binghampton, NY) and WLFR (Galloway, NJ) to name a few.

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