“Glass Stars” Indie Sci-Fi Pilot Raising $10,000 in First Phase

created by

Katharyn R. King


”In Inceptum Finis Est”

written by

Katharyn R. King

Dear Magicmaker,

I wrote “Glass Stars” quite simply because I wanted to introduce philosophical science fiction back into the mainstream consciousness of sci-fi; I wanted to make something believable and optimistic about the future of the human race because I still believe in us.. So much science fiction is inherently dystopian in nature that I find it too depressing to watch. As a futurist, I am not averse to such condemnations of technology and of human progress. Like Gene Roddenberry and Isaac Asimov, I  recognise human fallibility while still reaching for something higher, a more meaningful and ultimately, much more fulfilling purpose: discovery.

Enter “Glass Stars”, a short story I began in high school after having been inspired by Asimov’s Nightfall, but left unfinished for nearly 15 years. Quarantine sent me right back to it, so here I am!

I have to appreciate the irony of having penned a hopeful, optimistic story of the future that would begin with the downfall of society. But there we are.

AllI wanted was to marry together real science into my story; and of course  I wanted to create an epic saga of worlds within worlds for filmmakers to explore and pull apart for decades to come. I want to challenge my own thinking, the traditional and conventional ideas of what humanity’s evolution might just actually be, given the evidence before us. 

I believe the only way out is through, and so I’m here to say that yes, I do have a few words to say on the human condition, and that I want to be the one to say them because I believe the way I build my world is unlike any other, a transhumanist lens most people do not even seek to understand, but a beautiful and transformative one to be sure. As an openly gay woman, I wanted a story that reflects my beliefs on the trajectory of a posthuman society that is, in its essence, as genderless or as gender-filled as is to the individual’s own taste-limited only by one’s imagination.

At its core, “Glass Stars” is about overcoming our very flawed, very imperfect nature and limitations as human beings, accepting the hard truths of life and death, and banding together to move forward in spite of the odds. Along the way, there are aliens and black holes to teleport us wherever we want to go, but one thing’s for sure:

Andromeda is coming.


The only way out is through.

During a massive security systems breach, a startled cybercoder mistakenly wipes out half of Humanity. Now she must defy all the odds in an intergalactic race across time and space to save whoever is left.


What We Need & What You Get

Great sci-fi ain’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to cost us any unborn future offspring, or even any limbs, for that matter! In spite of the odds, it is actually possible to shoot an amazing pilot for 1% of what it costs the average big fancy studio to spend per episode. For example, Sense8 cost $9 million per episode to make, and that’s a bargain by comparison. Us?

  • We need $50,000, which we will raise in 5 successive campaigns (phases) of $10,000 each, to shoot a proof-of-life Pilot for the most exciting survival series of all time!
  • Phase 1  will cover the cost of at least 1 SAG-AFTRA actor’s salary for the duration of the shoot IAW union wages plus Craft Services…!
  • We’re offering custom-made resincrafts, along with t-shirts and heaps more fun collectible and secret  perks for each fundraising campaign we complete of our 5-phased relay race!
  • Should we fail to meet our goal, we will simply reset and try again. No funds will be used in Phase 1  except to ensure talent and/or gear is secured.
  • A small portion ($2500) will be used to purchase two 4K drones cameras for aerial and establishing shots, as well as some lav mics and other audio recording gear we still need to obtain whilst in Pre-Pro. We also plan to submit this pilot to various pitch festivals and filmmaking competitions, which add up to quite a pretty penny!
  • We will maintain a $5000 balance on hand to cover any last-minute emergencies, such as anything with respect to location  permitting, SFX/VFX  or rental costs (costume, makeup or venue).
  • Have we mentioned Craft Services??

(We will provide proof of our donation as well at that time.)

The Five Phases

1. Secure talent & gear. Goal = $10k

2. Secure location permits, fire marshal pay, & location or studio. Bam! Another $10k

3. Props and practical effect items or items used in conjunction with SFX/VXF. More than halfway there! ANOTHER $10k!

4. Secure costumes, makeup & the all-important most Holiest Grail of all the HollywoodLAND—CRAFT SERVICES! Almost there! 10 more Gss!!!

5. Secure a kickass video and editing (post-production) mage + $ for contest entry fees! Home stretch, let’s get that last $10k moving!


$50,000 TOTAL 

The Impact

Sci-fi these days leans dystopian-let’s change this by bringing “Glass Stars” to life onscreen; it’s an allegory for everything we’re going through right here, right now in society. It’s grounded in actual science but it’s hard-hitting action only when and where it needs to be there. If you’re a fan of Philip K. Dick, Roddenberry or even Asimov himself, you’re going to absolutely love this series! It’s diverse, and it’s deep. It’s got androids, aliens and just a whole heckin’ mess o’ heart!

This baby’s got a smokin’ set of gams on her; all she needs is you to give her wings!

Here’s Why You Can Count On Us

We have a kickass script ready to go.
I repeat. 



  • We’ve worked with and have solid working relationships with heavy hitters from within the niche of science fiction, including but not limited to 7x Emmy Award-winning Special FX Supervisor Dan Curry (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager), along with scores of other industry connections to help us find the right talent!
  • We’ve actually produced something before, and people loved it. Honestly.
  • We know how to do SAG-AFTRA paperwork.
  • As a military veteran, Kat understands the mission-critical significance of Integrity, and will act in Selfless Service at every turn to make sure this pilot gets made and that all contributors receive the perks they ordered by the holidays.
  • We already have almost all the filmmaking gear we’ll need, as well as several locations scouted.
  • We’re paying for the insurance out-of-pocket.
  • We’re holding ourselves accountable for every win and every setback- every step of the way.
  • Some folks may recognise Kat from her work on the #1 rated Trek podcast on iTunes for over 5 years, Trekcast; Kat also spent over a year 1/2 working on The 7th Rule: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast Co-Hosted by Aron Eisenberg, Cirroc Lofton & Ryan T. Husk
  • In 2012/2013, Kat wrote, produced and directed a short film called “The Awakening”. It was about a teacher hiding her battle with schizophrenia, and it was screened at Warner Bros to overwhelmingly positive critiques. As an Honorable Mention in Ron Howard’s Project Imaginat10n in 2013, “The Awakening” was described as “unique” and “necessary”.Kat produces her all own music, graphic assets and more; she has been featured for her writing by Vocal Media, as well as The Hollywood Times and The International Human Rights Arts Festival. Others may recognise her as a co-writer and Executive Producer on Project Abaddon: Rise of the Destroyer, another great sci-fi feature in development.
  • With a diverse cast of characters in mind and an intrinsically HUMAN story guiding us, we’re shaping up to bring you what’s sure to be the most exhilerating intergalactic survival story in history ever told!

Bottom Line: We love to finish what we start! 

We’ll Level With You

  • This is going to be expensive, and we realise it’s a lot to ask of folks to fly blind into an original new series with us.
  • We believe we can shoot the pilot with less, but because of the cost of salaries as well as editing/post, we’re raising the amount we think we’ll need to make the production value as great as it can possible be!

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people won’t believe this will get made, but if you’re like me, then that just means:


Do us a solid and show those nay-sayers how to make magic happen!

1. blast this campaign to all your social media networks.

2. treat yerself to a nominal perk such as a keychain, then post a pic & tag us on IG or Twitter @glass.stars.project in a story, fleet, tweet or reshare!

3. drop us a line to let us know you support us even if you may not be able to contribute monitarily. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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