King Delivers A Fresh Take On The Cautionary Tale With Short Horror Script “Gus and the Recliner”

I wrote a poem about a homebody named Gus who rejects everybody in his life. His most prized possession is his off-white Barker lounger with the black patch on it from being worn away. As a fan of The Twilight Zone, I wanted a chance to try my hand at something similar for myself, so I came up with the idea for this short darkly comedic cautionary tale about sloth and idleness called “Gus and the Recliner”.

Logline: Homebody Gus meets a grizzly end when his favourite recliner finally snaps.

“Gus and the Recliner”

Kat King

There once lived a fella named Gus

A man very much like all of us

Except for he lived all alone

His wife had long passed

The months and years zipped by quite fast

All Gus ever did was stay home

He had just one favorite thing

He loved to repose and to sing

In an off-white recliner,

which was “most certainly designer!”

Or so old Gussy supposed

I warn you dear brother

Tis a tale like no other

A tale of cautions and woes

One day it would be

They find dear dead Gussy

Sandwiched inside of his there famed seat

With the summertime sun

And the Augustine heat

You can imagine a smell not of rose

For he there was in his recliner

in less than designer circumstance

Dead Dead Dead

And not by sheer happenstance

Oh gussie oh gussie

He was never so fussy

About that which he ever did

A man about home

Forever alone

And not by just sheer circumstance

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