Indie Sci-Fi Project “Glass Stars” Seeking Producing Partners

We have a 3-Day shoot planned for “Glass Stars” in 2022. We need a studio for our Day 3 shoot next year, which takes place aboard a starship. LA Castle Studios utilises the Unreal Engine, the same virtual set system used by The Disney+ series The Mandalorian. This is where we intend to shoot, and we only need one day! It’s going to save us hundreds of thousands of dollars at only $15k/one 10-hour day, plus they offer full lighting and grip packages along with a full 3-camera multicam setup, a technical director 3 camera operators and a full studio at our disposal complete with several green rooms, dressing rooms, kitchens and much more. We’ve got a relatively small crew as well to keep production costs low. What do you think? Would you donate to our crowdfund if this is where we’d be filming these scenes? We’re kicking off our fresh new Indiegogo Campaign soon and in need of feedback!

We are currently seeking producing partners and financiers on this project. Please reach out to for more information.

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