Glass Stars: A Summary (SPOILERS)

It’s 2152. Climate change has forced most people underground. Most people live in pods, where their bodies physically live, and in the upper echelons some of the wealthier people are cared for by androids. While inside the pods they are connected to Earth 2, a global simulation that provides a holodeck-like simulacrum for them to live and work in. At this point, some have uploaded their whole minds and their physical selves have died, while others have uploaded DNA into a database that allows them to upload their minds into clones of themselves. As the clones degrade they can be replaced. There is a colony called Artemis on the moon and one on Mars called Arcadia. A secret third colony was believed to be scrapped and was the REAL Arcadia. A catastrophic terrorist attack leaves billions dead. This is where the story begins. It is told mainly by Sheerin, a synthetic copy of Elinor Glass, an AI mogul, and Lily who created Earth 2. On the day of the attack, a few ships take off, one for Mars and one for the Moon (but secretly for Venus). Before she evacuates, Lily, who is neurodivergent and has a TBI from an attempted murder when she was a child, uploads a million avatars into her neural mainframe. They end up on the ship with one of the guys who’s partly responsible for the attack, a prominent member of a terrorist organization called United Against Transhumanism and former employee of Elinor Glass. Eventually they end up at Venus and that’s where they find out about the Centaurions and Andromeda. The timeline of the collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda has mysteriously accelerated and there is very little time. The Andromedans are noncorporeal, they share their consciousness with the Centaurions who are an advanced race of robots. The Andromedans were once physical beings but they were transformed into something else when they ventured through their galaxy’s black hole. They came to warn us of the impending cataclysm. This first novel ends with a fleet of ships and people suspended within a black hole for a thousand years.

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