About Glass Stars

created by Katharyn R. King

written by Katharyn R. King

I wrote Glass Stars quite simply because I wanted to introduce philosophical science fiction back into the mainstream consciousness. So much science fiction is inherently dystopian in nature that I find it too depressing to watch. As a futurist, I am not averse to such condemnations of technology and of human progress. Like Gene Roddenberry and Isaac Asimov, I can recognise human fallibility while still reaching for something higher, more meaningful and ultimately, much more fulfilling.

Enter “Glass Stars”, a short story I wrote in high school after having been inspired by Asimov’s Nightfall. I had to appreciate the irony of having penned a hopeful, optimistic story of the future that would begin with the downfall of society. But there we are. I wanted to marry together real science into my story, and I wanted to create an epic saga of worlds within worlds for filmmakers to explore and pull apart for decades or even centuries to come. I want to challenge my own thinking, the traditional and conventional ideas of what humanity’s evolution might just actually be, given the evidence before us. 

I believe the only way out is through, and so I’m here to say that yes, I do have a few words to say on the human condition, and that I want to be the one to say them because I believe the way I build my world is unlike any other, a transhumanist lens most people do not even seek to understand, but a beautiful and transformative one to be sure. As an openly gay woman, I wanted a story that reflects my beliefs on the trajectory of a posthuman society that is, in its essence, as genderless or as gender-filled as is to your taste. 

Glass Stars is about overcoming our very flawed, very imperfect nature, accepting the hard truths of life and death, and banding together to move forward in spite of the odds. Along the way, there are aliens and black holes to teleport us wherever we want to go, but one thing’s for sure: Andromeda is coming.

“The only way out is through.”

-Elinor Glass

Katharyn R. King